Writing Student Session Reports

Submit student session reports by clicking on the following link:

How to Write Student Reports and Report Sample:

Your post tutoring assessment reports are one of our most important tools to closely monitor the progress of the students and the effectiveness of our methods. Reports also keep parents closely informed of their students’ progress and issues. A report is therefore mandatory after each student’s tutoring session. We ask that you complete your student reports on the same day as the tutoring session (by the end of the day). In the CenterTrac portion of the tutor training you should have learned how to submit your reports through CenterTrac while taking student attendance. Please take no more than 10 minutes per student per day to write the student report..

Items reports should include:

It is essential that reports reference applicable Common Core State. You can access these standards via the following link: http://tutors.freeliteracy.net/statestandards

- Comments about the specific academics worked on that day and any trouble student had, i.e., Reading: student has trouble with I vs. E sounds.

- How you helped

- Address any notable improvement the student has made during tutoring session

- List the standards addressed for the day and the grade level the standards correspond to (http://tutors.freeliteracy.net/statestandards).

- Do not mention the word HOMEWORK at all. Just discuss the academics focused on of any homework.


Please record computer logistic problems and other admin problems, in the ‘Admin Notes’ section of session reports or email operations@freeliteracy.net, rather than in student session reports.


Sample Post-Tutoring Student Report

Today Juan Student and I reviewed addition, subtraction, multiplication, and place value. Juan did a good job of asking questions during the review to refresh his memory on how to carry over numbers in multiplication & addition, and borrowing numbers in subtraction. The review also helped him remember his place values before and after the decimal point. After the review, Juan began lesson in basic division. He quickly understood the relationship between division and multiplication, and was able to solve basic division problems.

We also reviewed multiplication tables through online games.

Juan could use more practice solving problems and using mental math to increase his speed. I think it will hep build his confidence when solving problems.

Common Core State Standards (5th grade) covered today were:

1.01B Develop number sense for rational numbers 0.001 through 999,999: Build understanding of place value (thousandths through hundred thousands).

1.03 Develop flexibility in solving problems by selecting strategies and using mental computation, estimation, calculators or computers, and paper and pencil.