Student Pre and Post Assessments:

Pre testing/pre assessing and post testing/post assessing students is one of our most important functions. It is required by the school districts. The purpose of student assessment/pretesting is to find a few areas of student weakness so that we can improve learning in targeted areas. We must pretest students within the first two hours of tutoring. We posttest students at the very end of the tutoring program to assess their improvement. We are allowed to spend up to an hour and a half on pre testing each student and up to an hour and a half on post testing each student. Pre and Post testing must be done on a computer with the internet utilizing the Myskillstutor software (details to follow). If you are working with a student without internet access, it would be great if you could bring your laptop to tutoring sessions. LitCom will provide universal wireless internet modems when necessary.

When Pretesting, start with Grade level Pretest in Reading and/or Math. If the student is doing well. stop them and move them up a level to a harder pretest. We are looking for lower scores signifying the areas in which students need work. Once you have these scores, you need not go on to complete all the pretest. We only have time to improve learning in a few areas. The key is to watch closely without intervention. *So no need to have students complete more than 5 pretests in reading and/or math unless you have the extra time. 

Following is a link to a short video we created on the process of pretesting students via myskillstutor: