Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. Give a brief description of the types of services your company can provide to students:

We provide fun, healthy snacks and successful tutoring. Tutors and students critically engage. Learning gaps are closed.

Ofrecemos diversión, comida saludable y una excelente, exitosa tutoría.. Tutores y estudiantes se involucran críticamente.  Areas de aprendizaje son cerradas.

2. What is your hourly rate? $60.00/per hour/per student paid by the district. Free for all district approved students.

3. How frequently and for how long each session will students receive tutoring? 2 to 3 times a week, 1 to 2 hour sessions.  Fun, academic field trips can take longer.

4. How many tutoring sessions will students get? The amount of time varies. In Washington State roughly 22 hours. Minimum of 30 hours for North Carolina.

5. What will be the location of your services? Schools, Libraries, community centers, etc. (Parents’ Choice)

6. What days and hours are your services available? Monday through Friday before and after school. Saturdays 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Sunday only as required to help a struggling student.

7. Will parents be responsible for transportation? Yes, some help may be offered upon request, bus tokens, arrangements with tutors, etc.

8. What is the minimum number of students you will serve? One

9. Is there a maximum number of students you are able to serve? No

10. What are the qualifications of the employees used to provide SES services to the students? College students or graduates including certified teachers where allowed by the district and state.

11. What is the student to teacher ratio? Maximum 5 students to 1 tutor. Usually much smaller.

12. What curriculum is used? All State Standards based materials.

13. What grades are you approved to tutor? K-12.

14. What subjects are you approved to tutor? Reading and Math With Language Arts as evidence of reading comprehension.

15. If you are approved to provide both reading and math services, will each student receive tutoring in both or in either one or the other? The Parents, often with teacher advice, choose the subject(s). We will tutor one or both.