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Tutoring Ending for Renton Students

posted Feb 25, 2010, 10:54 AM by Karis Jackson   [ updated Feb 25, 2010, 10:55 AM ]

To: All Literacy Tutors of Renton Students

From: William Jackson,

Re: List of Renton students whom have completed program and follow-up actions


It is very important that tutors not continue to tutor students whom have run out of hours/credits. Watch the credits in Centertrac. Once the credits are completed, in Centertract or you have been notified, effective February 26th, LitCom can no longer pay future-tutoring sessions.


Below is a list of Renton students whom have completed our program. They have used all their hours/credits. Please carefully review the list below:


Endailalu, Esubalew

Go, Emme Jane

Karimu, Fareeda

McAfee, Robert

McAfee, Sa'naya

Mitchell, Bethany

Moi, Ruta

Osario, Everado

Osario, Eduardo

Rivera, Maria

Rivera, Yasmin

Saetern, Austin

Saetern, Chelsea

Sandoval, Lesley


If you are currently assigned to tutor any of these students, please notify the family, the student has completed the program and your services have ended.


Please let the family know the student will soon receive a certificate of Academic Achievement and an application for next years tutoring. Be positive and upbeat. The students will miss you. Please leave them smiling and wanting more. Remember, educators agree that additional time-on-task is very helpful in math and reading. You have given them that and more. Be proud of your work. We are very proud of your efforts to help students learn.  Leave a message with the family if you miss them. Let us know notification has been completed in your email to


Please immediately email and request additional students. Indicate your availability by city, days and times of day M-F 2:30 - 8:00PM and weekends. 9:30AM to 8:00PM.


DIRECT ALL QUESTIONS TO Allow 24 hours for a response. You may then call me directly at (206) 322-1544. Thank you.