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Shortening Session Reports and Mandatory Payroll Information

posted Feb 25, 2010, 11:01 AM by Karis Jackson   [ updated Feb 25, 2010, 11:02 AM ]

To All LitCom Tutors: 

Regarding: Shortening Session Reports and Mandatory Payroll Information 

From: William Jackson, President 

School districts are being flooded with too much information. Some districts have restricted reports to 240 characters or less. We must reduce the length of our Session Reports and the administrative time writing them. 

Shorten Session Reports: Up to 10 minutes per student will be paid for Session Reporting: 
Effectively immediately please shorten all session reports to no more than 10 minutes per student. Include only comments about the specific academics worked on that day, i.e., Reading: Student has trouble with I Vs E sounds,   how the student did, i.e., “1 needs help meeting standards, 2, approaching standards, 3 meets standards or 4 exceeds standards.   Finish with how you helped and list the standard. Computer problems etc., go in the Admin Notes in Centertrac or emails to operations, not in student academic session reports. Do not mention the word HOMEWORK AT ALL. Just discuss the academics of any homework. Some of your reports are truly fantastic. Unfortunately, there is information overload. 

Reducing Payroll Information: 
Payroll Timesheets must only include total time, who was tutored, when and where you tutored. Example “I tutored Frank Student, 1 hour, Tues 21 st 1:00 to 2:PM, Bremerton Public Library, Bremerton WA” You may also add any pre-approved expenses. When your student runs out of hours let us know immediately. We can not pay future session where students are out of hours. 

We know there will be questions. PLEASE EMAIL ALL QUESTIONS TO   We want to collect them for a frequently asked questions section on our website. No phone calls please. This email goes directly to my BlackBerry, so you should get a quick response. If you have not heard back within 24 hours, feel free to call me directly at Cell: (206) 618-6530 William D. Jackson, 

Thank you for caring about students and helping to improve student learning. 

William D. Jackson, 
President, LitCom