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Letter from the President of LitCom - 3/24/11

posted Mar 31, 2011, 1:18 PM by Karis Jackson
First of all I would like to thank you all for your outstanding work on behalf of our kids. Some of these children have never had extended one on one conversations with caring people of your educational strength and background. You make the future accessible to them. I know it may not always feel like you are making a difference, when a student skips tutoring or pays little attention. However, the fact that you are there for them means more than most people understand. Your presence, your commitment, your heart touches these children and make their hearts stronger.
- Good tutoring from the heart = Improved Student Learning
- Improved Student Learning = Better performance in school and better grades
- Better performance in school and better grades = Better chances for Scholarships
- Better chances for Scholarships = A good college education
- A good college education = Better careers, families and the ability to help parents as they age
- Better careers, families and the ability to help parents as they age = Stronger hearts
Even high performing students benefit from good tutoring. My daughter was an A student. She struggled with chemistry. We arranged tutoring and she maintained a 3.72 GPA and won $40,000 for college. Recently, one of our middle school students won $35,000 to attend one of the best private High Schools in the nation.
Let every parent know these success ideas and stories. Pass the word about making all childrens' lives better through improved student learning.
You are the soldiers in a war on the side of permanently eradicating academic achievement gaps. In so doing you warm the hearts of mothers and fathers who take joy in their childrens' success. Thank you for working with Literacy in the Community to strengthen all communities. Keep up the good work.
William Jackson, President & CEO
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