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All LitCom Final 2009 Message from LitCom CEO

posted Jan 12, 2010, 2:46 PM by Karis Jackson   [ updated Jan 12, 2010, 2:49 PM ]

We at Literacy in the Community (LitCom) want to remind everyone of how important it is to listen to a child read, to engage them in a math problem and help them to think critically out loud. Schedules permitting learning should go on even over the break.

Over this holidays season many children will have stories, lovingly read to them, in wonderful homes. Many of the children we serve will not. Many poor and second language parents don't have books and or can not read. We want you (our tutors and staff)  to know that some of our students prefer schools and libraries  over home because they are warm, safe, with food, structure and most of the time have caring staff/tutors.

We want you to know that you may be the only person who listens to a child read over this holiday break or any other time.  As daughters and sons, moms and dads you know listening and being listened to are important.  Someone has said that “the need to be heard can be compared to the need for breath.”


Many of our tutors are college students. Skiing at places like Mt Bachelor may be all they focus on over the break. They deserve fun and rest. However, our K-12 students whom can be helped, may go on to complete a grade level in school and or feel better about them selves, for a life time.

Yes, tutoring is a business for us. For years we tutored using volunteers. In these tough times we find college students and even graduates need to earn a livable wage. That is why we pay among the highest in the field. Literacy tutoring in math, reading, science and critical thinking is a good service because of you. You are permanently changing, the lives of children, for the better. 


From all of us at LitCom to all of you, Thank you, for the critical work you do for children.


Happy  Holidays.

William Jackson, President

Bcc: A few critically important people in the lives of all children